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20 Good Healthy Breakfast to Lose Weight

Weight loss means lots of sweating and starving, or is there an easy way out?

Dieticians recommend choosing the right foods for weight loss. Believe me! You can cook delicious meals out of everyday food items that will also aid you in weight loss.

If you are consistent with the exercises and choose the right weight-loss food for breakfast till dinner, you will surely end up losing a few pounds by the end of a month.

Here we bring foods that will surely help you lose weight and gain your confidence. Rock it!

What constitutes an ideal breakfast for weight loss?

Before reaching out for the popular weight loss foods, we must examine the nutrients available in these. Once you start opting for the proper nutrients, weight loss will not be a formidable ambition. Subsequently, you will also find yourself fit and relieved from a few lifestyle diseases (if any).

Here are a few must-have nutrients in your weight loss food for breakfast.

Opt for fiber-rich foods

Fibrous food is meant to keep you full for a long duration. It will help in stopping overeating and better digestion. When seeking weight loss foods for breakfast, include fiber-rich food that fills you quickly and smoothens bowel movements.

Do it with protein

There is a furor for protein, and rightly so as it is a crucial nutrient for losing weight. It is beneficial for your muscles, bones, and other parts of the body. It also helps in weight loss. Proteins, the essential macronutrients, reduce the appetite and keep you fuller for longer.

Say yes to Fats

Fats are considered villainous for weight loss, but the notion is entirely wrong. You do not need to sweep fats from your diet during the weight loss journey, though reducing the quantity will suffice. These macronutrients are essential for the better functioning of the brain and heart. Also, fats are required for better absorption of Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Ready with your Carbs

Many fad diets advise people to go low on carbs or opt for a no-carb diet and achieve those weight loss goals. However, severe carbohydrate restrictions can be fatal. It may start with a headache, tiredness, nausea, and end on the hospital bed with various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Carbs are necessities as they provide you the energy to work. Include a small amount in the breakfast to ensure a break-free day beaming with energy.

Enjoy your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for bones, but it is equally beneficial for weight loss. Many people diagnosed with obesity were lacking in Vitamin D. With further research, doctors concluded that Vitamin D restricts chronic inflammation and can aid in weight loss.

Refresh with Vitamin C

Vitamin C foods are so refreshing to have. These are essential antioxidants that help you get rid of inflammation and stop weight gain. It is also the best weight loss food for breakfast as it is satiating and will provide you refreshment.

Grab Carotenoids

Carotenoids contain beta carotene, lycopene, and lutein that act as shields to the body, safeguarding us from diseases and also against inflammation.

Iron for weight loss

You can receive iron from multiple food items. Its prime function is to help the body produce hemoglobin that aids in carrying oxygen to cells. As the oxygen supply decreases due to inadequate amounts of iron, you may experience fatigue, pale skin, and a steady weight gain. Including iron in your breakfast will ensure hemoglobin production and weight loss.

There are many other nutrients, such as Magnesium, Zinc, Probiotics, etc., that are vital for weight loss. You can include all or some of these in your breakfast to ensure a steady weight loss.

Weight loss food for breakfast

Now that you know the essential nutrients required to lose weight, our list of weight loss foods for breakfast is here.


Kale is the apt breakfast food for weight loss. It is a low-calorie, high water content food that fills you quickly and helps in staying energized for a long duration. There is a small amount of protein and fiber in Kale that aids in weight loss.


Including broccoli as a breakfast food for weight loss will help your body receive enough carbohydrates and fiber to reduce appetite and stay full. It also aids in digestion and curbs the need for mindless snacking.


One cup of spinach in your breakfast will force your extra weight to run for life. There is insoluble fiber in spinach that aids in speedy weight loss. It is also a powerhouse of iron, protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin A.


Lettuce is a low-calorie leafy vegetable that helps you reduce the waistline. Do you hear that? Yes, lettuce removes the extra fat from your waist and takes you a leap forward towards that dreamy body shape. Lettuce also holds high water content and fiber that helps to stay full.


An average tomato will contain 22 to 25 calories. Even with few calories, this fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients that aid in weight loss. It is an antioxidant that reduces water retention hence getting rid of inflammation. Including tomatoes as your weight loss food for breakfast will help you burn fat faster due to the production of amino acids.


Eggs are a depot of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and all the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy body. The addition of eggs to your daily breakfast will help to absorb the nutrients and boost the metabolism. It is also filling and will prevent the urge to snack. With all these benefits, eggs are also low in calories, making them the ideal breakfast food for weight loss.


Similar to eggs, chicken is also a high-protein food that helps to lose weight. In fact, there are multiple chicken diets promoted for shedding those extra pounds. However, that is not advisable until there is advanced research proving their benefits. Yet chicken is a filling food. There is lean protein helping to burn body fat. Ensure to stay away from deep-fried chicken delicacies and stick to boiled, grilled versions for better results.


The yummy turkey is a huge source of protein, B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. All these nutrients collaborate to reduce inflammation and water retention from the body. With regular consumption, you can quickly get rid of your body fat and stay healthy. As we already know, proteins make you fuller and satiate hunger.


Salmon is loaded with proteins, healthy fats, and omega-3 acids. These nutrients enable optimum metabolism and ensure fat burning process. The omega-3 fatty acids contain inflammation and get rid of obesity in a short period. Other fishes that act similarly are sardines, mackerel, trout, and herring.


Is there a healthier fish than Tuna? It is a blessing from the sea, low in calories, high in proteins, low in fat, and excellent weight-loss food for your breakfast. Try tuna salad, tossing it with vegetables and a few species to kickstart your day with yummy food that will also reduce your weight.

Beans and Legumes

Either you are a vegetarian or not; you can always take a break from meat with wholesome beans and legumes providing similar benefits. These are high in fiber and Vitamin B. There is also a decent amount of proteins, iron, magnesium, and copper in beans and legumes. With these, you shall be having a low-calorie, high protein diet that aids in weight loss. You can try cooking them in different textures and tastes since they are available in varied types.


Adding banana to this list is scandalous as there are contradictory views regarding its weight loss benefit. Banana’s efficiency of helping in weight loss depends on its resistant starch. The greener banana is better for weight loss. If you want to have it as a sugar supplement, opt for a medium ripe banana. Otherwise, a quick stir fry will be apt for reducing weight. Bananas are fibrous, low-calorie fruits, the perfect addition to your weight loss breakfast.

Oranges, Lemons, and Grapefruit

Including fruit in your breakfast makes it more fulfilling and nutritious. You will find no reason to skip an orange when you know that it will directly strike your belly fat and erase it. Low-calorie fruits such as oranges or grapefruit to your breakfast make the meal healthy and the best way to lose weight. These fruits are full of fiber, Vitamin C, and lots of nutrients. Also, you gain only 85 calories with a large orange.


1 cup of Kiwis will provide you with 21% of your daily fiber requirement. There are also abundant other nutrients such as Vitamin C, K, and potassium to add to its nutrient profile. Kiwi also contains pectin, a unique fiber that aids in weight loss by reducing appetite and inducing fullness. They are also natural laxatives that help in water retention.


Avocado is a balanced food. It contains 12 grams of carbs, 21 grams of healthy fat, and 7 grams of fiber, which is 27% of your daily dietary requirement. Other nutrients available in avocado are Vitamin B, C, K, E, and potassium. All of these nutrients help to get rid of water retention and inflammation. The fiber content will make you full sooner and provide a healthy gut routine that aids in weight loss. For your weight loss foods in breakfast, opt for an avocado spread on a toast, and you will be good to go.


If you are a busy person who usually skips breakfast, oatmeal is the perfect option for you. It is a complete meal, cooked in a zillion ways and equally delicious always. A bowl of oatmeals is low calorie, high in fiber and protein that helps you control your appetite. Beta-glucan, a type of fiber present in oatmeals, balances blood sugar and keeps obesity in check.


With each serving of yogurt, you grab a huge chunk of your daily protein needs. When you take yogurt in your breakfast, it escalates the chances of weight loss multifold. The high protein in yogurt strengthens the muscles and keeps you fuller for a long time resisting the urge to snack until you have the next healthy meal.


Tofu is associated as the comfort food for vegans. However, tofu is your man if you are on your path to weight loss. It is high in protein, and when you swap the same with cottage cheese, the results are evident within weeks. Tofu is essentially low in fats and rich in essential amino acids and Vitamin B1. There is also more iron and protein in tofu, making it the perfect weight loss food for breakfast.

Nuts and Seeds

This one is a no-brainer. Nuts are a storehouse of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. All goodies come with a low-calorie tag that is essential for those looking out for weight loss foods. Sprinkle some seeds and nuts on your breakfast, absorb the benefits that strengthen your body, and shoo unwanted fats.

Olive oil

How can you make a salad without dressing? Simple, use olive oil and forget about your exceeding weight as this one controls all of it. There are monounsaturated fats that keep your heart healthy, keep a tab on the blood sugar, and help in losing weight.


We have included breakfast weight loss foods for everyone. You may be a vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, you will surely put together a delicious breakfast for weight loss by including a mix of these foods. Begin choosing your favorite from our list and find yourself beaming with a broad smile within a month as there surely will be a change in your weight and happiness meter.