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Vitamin C, Vitamin D And Zinc Role In Coronavirus Prevention

Supplementing your diet with these vitamins can enhance your immune system and help you to fight possible illnesses as well as protect you against many acute respiratory syndromes like the novel COVID-19

The work of taking care of your health is whole year-round labor. This includes a balanced diet, good routines of sleeping, hydration, and exercising but also adding a good set of supplements to strengthen your immune system against any threat.

Boosting your natural response against viruses like the novel COVID-19 can be achieved by including these OTC vitamins and minerals. Protect yourself and your loved ones by including these important supplements to your daily routine.

Vitamins And Supplements To Prevent COVID-19

The following vitamins and minerals possess the ability to boost your immune system against any potential threat.

1.     Vitamin C

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant that has shown through several studies to possess an important impact on the immune system.

Vitamin C can protect you against the novel COVID-19 since it can decrease the possibility to get viral respiratory infections like pneumonia, and common colds. This makes vitamin C a “weak anti-histamine agent” since it prevents and relieves flu symptoms like sneezing, and sinus congestion.

Moreover, this water-soluble vitamin also plays a vital role in the proliferation and maturation of T cells; cells that protect the body from various pathogens and cancer cells. By taking vitamin C daily, you can boost your immunity and become less prone to suffer diseases and viral infections.  Medical experts suggest that daily dose of 200mg vitamin C is helpful in prevention of Corona virus infection. And during Infection 1-2 Gram of dose is heapful in treatment.


2.     Vitamin D

This is one of the most important vitamins you can consume. It also plays as a hormone that can be produced naturally if you expose yourself to sunlight regularly. It helps in maintaining bone integrity but also has a crucial role in regulating both innate and adaptive immune system responses.

According to one study, vitamin D regulates the production of antimicrobial peptides in immune cells, which improves mucosal defense against various viral infections. By regulating adaptive immunity, vitamin D can decrease the risk of suffering from common influenza and COVID-19 with its consumption daily according to another study.

Vitamin D can also help to decrease the number of active SARS-CoV-2 virus particles that can attach to your healthy cells thus helping your organism to fight the illness.

This fat soluble vitamin D family have D1, D2 and D3 as the members. Vitamin D-2 and D-3 as a supplements available in market. Vitamin D2 is derived from plant based while D-3 are from animal source. Vitamin D-3 supplement is most effective way to improve vitamin D value in your body.

3.     Zinc

This trace mineral can help the development and protection of the immune cells. Even though our bodies require low levels of zinc, an important deficiency can lead to weakening our active and passive immune activity, thus causing an increase in the risk of suffering infectious diseases caused by viruses.

One study has shown that zinc intake along with pyrithione slows down the process of SARS-CoV replication. Zinc can provide antiviral immunity against RNA viruses like COVID-19 that needs RNA polymerase to replicate by inhibiting this process in the patients.

Moreover, Zinc can also help to prevent getting respiratory infections like common cold as well as increase T lymphocyte production, especially in the elderly years. Recommanded daily value of zinc is from 11-14mg per day.  Zinc sulfae contains 23% of elemental zinc. So If you take 220mg zinc sulfate you will get around 50.6 mg zinc.

There are also several herbs and supplements that can boost immunity and helps to fight avainst Covid-19. But Vitamin –C , Vitamin D3 and Zinc are having very low size effects and most people can include in their daily supplements as they are also helpful in many body function.