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Can Rosehip Oil be Applied to Skin for Acne Scars?

Perfect skin is surely a myth, and we must refrain from chasing it. However, aging, irresponsible diet, sun damage, stress, and multiple other factors contribute to killing our radiant skin, making it dull. Acne and the scars left behind also add to low self-esteem and decreased confidence.

Though we know that baby skin or the spotless glass skin prevalent on the television are farce narratives to lure people, we still tend to fall for these and suffer more. When nature has blessed us with abundant ingredients capable of eradicating our ace scars and making our skin glow, why seek chemicals. Aloe Vera, sandalwood, fuller’s earth are a few of nature’s gifts to maintain our youthful skin. However, many hidden gems aren’t known much to people.

This blog will introduce you to one such precious gift from mother nature. It is called Rosehip oil. You might have heard about the ingredient. However, are you aware of the immense benefits it renders to your skin? This blog shall provide detailed feedback about Rosehip oil and how it cares for your skin.

We will cover some of the possible benefits rosehip oil possesses and how you must apply it to remove your acne scars! So, let’s find out now!

What is Rosehip Oil?

Well, before we go any further, I think you must know everything about this essential oil!

The term rosehip clearly shows that this is a by-product of the rose plant! It’s called the rose haw or the rosehip. And the oil that is extracted from this part of the plant is known as rosehip oil. It contains a lot of antioxidants and many other properties, which makes this an excellent essential oil to use.

Did you know that rosehip oil has been used for consumption as well? Yes! It’s because of the anti-cancer, antioxidants, anti-diabetic, and many more nutrients present in this essential oil.

Some medicines have their primary component as rosehip oil too! The vitamin C content in rosehip oil makes it a perfect essential oil to use.

Effects of Rosehip Oil on Skin for Acne

As mentioned earlier, Rosehip oil contains a considerable amount of vitamin C, which can responsibly help you get rid of scars marks, promotes anti-pigmentation, and even boost collagen production.

And that doesn’t just end there! The vitamin C present in rosehip oil can help reduce the inflammation caused! So, you can very well vouch for the benefits of rosehip oil for acne reduction. Vitamin C also boosts the production of collagen, which helps in cell regeneration. Through this, you can minimize the appearance of scars and any other skin hyperpigmentation you may have.

Other Skin Benefits of Using Rosehip Oil

Since we’ve spoken quite a bit about rosehip oil and the possible positive effects on your skin, let’s find out some other skin benefits of using rosehip oil. Here are the following:

Increases Skin Brightness

As you already know, rosehip oil can contain loads of vitamin C content in it. So, it is natural that this essential oil is sure to increase the firmness of your skin due to the production of collagen.

Plus, the vitamin C present in this oil can give you skin brightening effects because it contains such properties. So, remember that when you are using this essential oil, you reduce your acne problem and give your skin a radiant look.

Moisturizes Your Skin

Rosehip oil nutrient composition is endless. The amount of favorable properties doesn’t just end there! It contains a large number of fatty acids in them! And this helps in moisturizing your skin greatly! It also creates a barrier so that the moisture in your skin remains intact! Isn’t that amazing?

Helps You Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Thousands of companies produce creams and so many expensive lotions to help you prevent or even reduce stretch marks. But do they work? Well, sadly, they don’t! The stretch marks remain as it is!

However, with rosehip oil, you can get rid of stretch marks! The properties present in this tremendous essential oil help reduce and prevent stretch marks. And this is acclaimed by users, and research approves us of the same.

Helps in Reducing Itchiness

Rosehip oil contains a potential amount of anti-inflammatory properties. These properties present in rosehip essential oil helps you reduce itchiness. This happens because the fatty acids present contain linoleic acid, oleic acid, and anti-linoleic acid. These three components help you reduce the inflammation and itchiness you may have.

Doctors say that skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, or rosacea occur due to inflammation. And such situations can be calmed by the use of rosehip oil!

You can also use the Rosehip to reduce the redness you might have on your skin! So, by using this essential oil, you can be sure you are calming your skin from all sides.

Helps in Fading Away Scars

Rosehip oil contains vitamin A, and this nutrient present in the essential oil makes it perfect for you to fade away scars that you might be having. According to research, rosehip has significantly reduced scar marks due to the vitamin A content. However, they have also highlighted that the essential oil contains a potential number of fatty acids. This helps boost collagen production, which leaves a significant effect on the appearance of your skin.

Keeps Your Skin Protected

We have already mentioned earlier that rosehip oil contains a fantastic amount of antioxidants. This content in the essential oil helps protect your skin from any oxidative stress it may have.

The carotenoids and tocopherols antioxidants present in rosehip oil are known to give your skin overall protection. Now that we’ve given you all the reasons why you should use this incredible essential oil. Let’s look into the segment that tells you how you must use this oil!

How to Use Rosehip Oil For Acne Reduction & Other Skin Benefits?

Let’s delve into to find out how you must use rosehip oil to reduce acne acne-related problems and give your skin overall protection. Here’s what you need to do:

Direct Application

If you want positive and fast effects, we suggest you directly apply the Rosehip on your skin twice daily. First, you can wash your skin with a face wash. Then, use a soft towel to pat dry your skin. (Use gentle pats and don’t rub, as rubbing can increase irritation), then take some cotton pads. In the cotton pad, take two to three drops of essential oil and apply them to the affected area.

Initially, try out a small patch testing beforehand to avoid being allergic to rosehip oil. Some people face irritation after using this oil, so it’s always advisable to do a small patch test. For the same, apply rosehip oil on the inner side of your wrist or elbow and monitor for 24 hours. if there are no reactions, you can confidently use the product on your face.

In the form of supplements

Some people don’t like the smell of this essential oil but at the same time want to avail of all the benefits it provides. So, you can use Rosehip and avoid its smell for those groups of people reading this. Wondering how?

Well, for that, you can choose some great supplements. Ideally, speaking to a dermatologist is best to get the best supplements brand. But you can also do your research to find the best one.

In the form of powder

Another way people avail themselves of the benefits of rosehip oil is this! You can easily add this into your yogurt, smoothies, desserts, and any other food and consume it. However, we were hoping you could speak to a doctor to know the right amount to consume. This is because consuming too much can lead to severe problems which you do not want to indulge in.

Always ensure to consult your medical practitioner who knows your history, then start consuming Rosehip and get all the magical benefits it possesses.


Generally, consuming Rosehip is safe. But there can be certain conditions where people get some side effects. So, if you see the following, start attending to it ASAP. Here are some possible side effects that Rosehip leaves:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Increase in acne problem
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Heartburn
  • Formation of kidney stones

Stop the consumption and consult a doctor immediately if you see the slightest effect.


As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you clearly understand how beneficial rosehip oil is! This is a primitive method that has shown positive results for years now. However, modern people were not aware of the benefits it provides us with.

Ideally, consuming this and applying this in moderation is recommended. And it’s best if you speak to your doctor and know the right amount that needs to be used. And once you know and begin the application, you will see magical results on your skin and overall health. However, since we’ve given you an idea about the side effects this essential oil might leave, we would suggest you speak to a doctor before using Rosehip oil.