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What is Rock Salt? Different Types of Rock Salt and its Health Benefits

We have all experienced the goodness of natural products recommended by this life science proving immeasurable benefits for our body and skin. Saffron, virgin coconut oil, jaggery, kumkumadi oil are amongst some everyday ayurvedic products.

Another crucial ayurvedic product that can be a part of our daily life is Rock salt. It has long remained to be a key element of Ayurvedic medicines. When used in the right proportion and the appropriate way, rock salt, can help cure cough and cold, ease out stomach troubles, and boost skin health. Rock salt can help elevate the body’s sodium level to treat sore throat and other discomforts. Since rock salt is in the purest natural form, it contains a huge reserve of many trace minerals that can immensely help the body.

What is Rock Salt?

In simple words, Rock salt is a pure form of salt that has a high natural mineral concentration. It is mostly found in the Himalayan Region as a naturally existing organic edible. Rock salt is formed in nature when the lake water or the water of any water body that has salt in it evaporates. According to a scientific study, rock salt contains close to 92 trace elements, each of which has unique properties and benefits for the human body. Rock salt is devoid of all kinds of environmental pollutants imaginable thus is one of the best health choices.

What are the different types of Rock Salt?

The rock salt is available in different varieties. The distinction in their making delivers a unique flavor to each. Here we introduce you to the popular rock salt types.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Considered to be the purest form of salt, the Himalayan Pink salt is from the Khewra Salt Mine in the Himalayan mountains. The Himalayan Pink salt is pinkish and is a storehouse of 84 natural minerals.

Himalayan Black Salt

Another salt form filled with abundant nutrition is the Himalayan Black salt. It’s reddish-brown and is obtained by cooking rock salt with charcoal, herbs, seeds, and bark in a furnace for about 24 hours. Its elaborate cooking method provides a distinct flavor and smell.

Kosher Salt

The Kosher salt or kitchen salt is a coarse salt without adding iodine. It has low sodium content and is widely used to cure meat and enhance food taste while cooking.

Alaea Salt

Widely known as Hawaiian Red Salt, this is the unrefined form of sea salt mixed with iron oxide for a nutrient-dense condiment. There are about 80 minerals found in the Alaea Salt that enhance any dish’s flavor and nourish your body.

Sea Salt

As the name suggests, sea salt is derived from the evaporation of ocean water or a saltwater lake. It is less processed hence retains an abundance of minerals, flavor, and color.

Bamboo Salt

Bamboo salt is a distinctively flavored salt formed by packing bay salt in a thick bamboo stem. It is then baked 9 times at high temperature using only pine wood. This rigid process eliminates the impurities from salt and enhances the nutrients of calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc.

Difference between Table Salt and Rock Salt

The difference between common table salt and rock salt lies in the level of purification. Common salt is refined, whereas rock salt is an unrefined purely organic form in crystalline format. Rock salt is better in terms of mineral value because purification and refining eliminate a lot of valuable minerals while inviting the addition of many preservatives. On the other hand, rock salt is in the purest form that we can consume directly, and even more, it has no side effects.

Here is a table that demonstrates the nutrient value of rock salt over common salt-

 Rock Salt (g)Table Salt (g)

Apart from these, rock salt has a minute amount of iron and other micronutrients that make it a healthier choice.

Health Benefits of Rock Salt

The biochemical composition of rock salt reflects the presence of plenty of useful micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, cobalt, iron, sulfur, and zinc. These are essential micronutrients for the body and help keep up physiological functioning optimum. Rock salt consumption can promote various benefits, some of them which are enlisted below:

Great for Metabolism

Many of us suffer from poor metabolism and various metabolic disorders. Metabolism of the body affects different other body function faucets, and thus it is crucial to keep the body metabolism up to the mark. Rock salt is a fantastic ingredient for restoring the metabolism balance of the body. Rock salt also helps maintain the electrolytic balance of the body, thus preventing blood pressure fluctuation. Also, the body stays hydrated. So, if you want excellent metabolic attributes for your body, start consuming rock salt.

Improves Digestion

Rock salt is a natural friend for the stomach and digestion. Hence, it’s best to add rock salt in food or add it in the salads or condiments accompanying food. Consuming rock salt can cure various infections. Rock salt is also quite beneficial for the gut. So, if you are lately having digestion troubles, it is time to add rock salt to your food. Rock salt can be taken in raw and cooked form, but it is preferable to take it in the raw form.

Aid for Sinus

One common ailment that plagues many of us is the problem of Sinus. If you are one of those who get traumatized by the name and effect of Sinus, then rock salt is all you need. Gargling with rock salt helps cure sore throat and relieve sinus pain. Rock salt and hot water also help cure dry cough and pain arising from tonsillitis. If you are turmoiled by symptoms of flu or cough, add some rock salt to the boiling water and inhale the steam. This steam will help a lot to relieve the respiratory tract.

Good For Weight Loss

Rock salt is a magic element for weight loss. It is used in a lot of weight loss products. Rock salt is used as an active ingredient in many weight loss formulations. What rock salt does is that – it diminishes the sugar cravings in a person. One of the many reasons people fail to lose weight even after so much struggle is their craving for sugar. Rock salt helps a lot to reduce these sugar cravings. Rock salt reactivates insulin, thus stabilizing the blood sugar level and reducing the craving for sugar intake. One of the multiple ways to start increasing the consumption of rock salt is by sprinkling them over raw fruits.

Booster for the Immune System

The core component of Rock salt is Vitamin K which is essential to boost the immunity of the body but also restores bone health. Apart from Vitamin K, there are various other components of rock salt that are beneficial for your immune system. Bone health and wellness are essential to keep up the body’s health. A strong immunity can help fight illness, and thus do not forget to include rock salt in your diet.

Relieve Stress

Rock salt is a magic ingredient for inducing stress relief. Rock salt helps in the relaxation of the mind and body. It helps relieve anxiety and depression. If you have sleepless nights, start having rock salt. One of the easiest ways to enhance rock salt consumption is by mixing a spoonful of rock salt in lukewarm water and consuming it before going to bed. If you are plagued by anxious thoughts and unable to calm your mind, you can increase the quantity of consumption of rock salt. Add it to your salads or drink and enjoy peaceful nights of sleep.

Air Purifier

Rock salt crystals, when kept at home, purify the air and helps to relax the mind. Rock salts have ionic properties that help absorb the pollutants or irritants in the space. These crystals purify the air by neutralizing all the toxic contaminants. So if you are having any breathing difficulty or are allergy-prone, add a lump of pink salt to your room. You can enjoy its benefits by placing it either on your study table or on any other desk. So, be it your office or home, a lump of rock salt can act as the perfect material for freeing the air of toxins. It is beneficial for people who have airborne allergies.

Good for the Skin

Rock salt is a fantastic option for all types of skincare problems. Rock salt can be used as an active ingredient for scrubbing the skin. Rock salt has a coarse texture as well as skin healing properties. If you are willing to use natural ingredients to heal your skin and make it toxin-free, use rock salt. Also, you can add rock salt to your face cleanser to make it inherently a scrub. It is very simple to use as a scrub and a skin cleanser. Rock salt can also be excellent as a bath salt. Rock salt has the perfect texture for clearing the body of the coarse dead cells that may accumulate on the upper layer of the skin. So now bid a farewell to rough, dry, and coarse skin and say hello to soft, exfoliated, and plump skin using rock salt. Mix it with your body cleanser or prepare DIY packs with rock salt and enjoy clean, healthy, glowing skin.

Prevents Blood Pressure Fluctuation

The core component of rock salt is potassium. Potassium is one of the most important ions that keep the electrolyte balance of the body stable and prevents blood pressure from fluctuating. Thus, rock salt is excellent for maintaining blood pressure. Also, people suffering from hypertension are often advised to quit the consumption of common table salt. For them, rock salt is immensely beneficial. Especially during the summer months, the water and electrolyte balance of the body disrupts very often, leading to flaccidity and other problems. Rock salt can be an ideal solution to these problems. Daily consumption of rock salt is a great way to keep the body fluid concentration up to the mark and maintain hydration.


Having known the innumerable benefits of rock salt, you must have decided how important it is for your health. Including rock salt in your diet can be especially beneficial. You can include raw rock salt in the salads and drinks. It can be used in cooking as well. However, it tastes better when raw. Sprinkle rock salt on raw cucumber and veggies and have them. Sprinkle rock salt on your favorite lemonade or summer drink and enjoy.