How to liver detox

When And How To Do Liver Detox?

It is much important to keep yourself fit and fine always. For that, you need to detox your body from time to time so that it does not cause any serious health hazards in the future. Around 500 and more functions of our body are dependent upon the liver. Hence it is important to flush, cleanse, and detox your liver after a specified time. It helps in removing toxins from your body and also improves your health.  Our liver is responsible for removing waste and hence handles different nutrients and medicines that you intake. To lose weight and to recover your body from certain health issues, it is important to detox your liver first. It provides your body with the much-needed health kick and hence improves the function of your body. However, detoxing your liver and body does not mean to consider it as an everyday task. It has proper time and situations when you need to detox your body.

However, liver cleansing is preferred to do through natural ingredients or plant products. It does not mean to intake a large number of medicines. These supplements might even make a person a drug addict. Also, we never know if cleansing works well or not.

Does Liver Cleansing Protect You From Disease?

Whatever your health conditions are that can affect your liver. Hence, it is important to focus on your diet, surroundings, and your lifestyle. However, Liver Detox is only effective in case you need quick healing. These cannot heal physical damage to the body.

Also, many studies linked to depict that liver detox helps in losing weight. However, only a few people are aware of it. The fact is, liver detox helps in easy and quick weight loss. But they will gain much weight if they get back to a normal diet. 

How Do You Know When It’s Right Time To Detox Your Liver?

The liver is known to detox the body and also to activate enzymes. Some basic functioning of the liver is to produce proteins and required cholesterol levels. It also includes destroying ruptured blood cells and storing minerals inside our bodies. Our liver is responsible for breakdown medications and alcohol.

However, after considering several such functions in our body, your liver also needs to undergo proper detoxification. But how will you know when it’s the right time to cleanse and flush out toxins from the liver?

Below are certain signs and indications that let you the right time to detox your liver.

  • When your body undergoes certain allergic reactions, or you face appetite issues.
  • When your body indicates signs of malnutrition, and you generally get tired quickly.
  • When you face digestion issues and heartburns

It is not good to consume junk food in such situations. Start avoiding oily, sugary, and junk food intake. Alcohol is also dangerous for health which makes your body overworked and overloaded very often. In such situations, your liver needs to detox frequently to avoid further health issues. Cleansing the liver can help in preventing serious concerns. However, liver detoxing does not always mean taking medicines. It is also possible through some best natural ways. Only a few people are aware of such concerns and to detox the liver. In the next section, you will learn about some different ways to detox your body and liver to keep yourself healthy and fit.

What Are The Different Ways To Detox Your Liver?

If you change your lifestyle and shift to healthy eating habits, then there is no need to consider detox programs. Below are some mentioned ways to prevent liver disease with natural detox such that it prevents the risk of forming liver disease.


Turmeric is best known for its healing effects. It helps in producing enzymes that flush out unwanted and dietary toxins. When you wake up early in the morning, it is good to drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of pepper inside it. It is good to intake turmeric as a supplement.

Stop Sugar Intake

It is good to avoid intaking table sugar or other sugary products. Sugars stop the production of useful enzymes that helps to detox your liver. Also, it might further lead to the low formation of insulin. Sugar intake must be around 20-30 grams or even lesser than that.


Say No to Alcohol. According to maximum studies, it claims that alcohol intake regularly can adversely affect human lifestyle. It has a direct impact on our liver.

Calorie Intake

It is important to look after your daily calorie intake level. No doubt even if you are not eating much caloric food, but once eating junk food will never help you lose your weight. Thus it is good to choose high-quality food like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains, and proteins. 

What Are Other Supplements Which help Your Liver Function Safely?

Natural products are never harmful to your body. Hence if you are searching for the best supplements to detox your liver, consider natural herbs like Milk Thistle to keep you safe. According to sciences, this herb is responsible for keeping your liver safe and also helps in its good functioning. However, it might be difficult to detect liver detox functioning, but milk thistle is proven to keep the liver healthy and detox.

Another best natural detox is Dandelion. It acts as a natural remedy for many disease issues. Also, it acts as a natural liver detox.

The Bottom Line

Whatever the case you have studied to try on your body, there are no FDA rules for supplements as considered for food. Supplements might be good for a person but not for others. Even none takes guarantees if these will work safely for you or not. But in case, you feel like there are some serious issues with your health, then it is better to consider talking to a doctor. Here Liver detox is not going to work for you without any recommendations. Doctors will advise you in a better way and hence promotes your liver health.